The 3 Best Social Gaming App for Facebook

Social Gaming

Social media came and got so popular that it changed the way we do a variety of things. With the increase in communication among a vast number of people across the globe, it was only inevitable that social gaming would be embraced on such platforms since it enables one to compete against an immense amount of players. The following are the 3 best games you can play on Facebook.


Casino and slot games are trendy, with everyone trying to earn quick money. One such game that can be played on Facebook is Slotomania. You get to compete against other players in live Tourmania and compare coins earned and good luck against others. The game already has at least 14 million subscribers so you can expect to find infinite company when playing it. It has amazing graphics and crazy sound effects with a lot of variations to choose from, making it quite a favorite with users.


This is an addictive, popular arcade game that anybody can play. The object is to match as many candy flavors as possible in a set of vertical and horizontal arrangements within a set period. That is how you earn points and get to move on to the next round. The colorful graphics and amazing sound effects ensure that you won’t stop playing easily once you press “start.”


Word Crack is another simple yet interesting word-finding game that tests how fast you can be in picking out words from a maze of letters. You get to play and compete with friends on finding all possible words within a time lapse of two minutes. Achievements can be managed on your profile information; allowing you the opportunity to check how you are fairing against your friends. This social gaming requires a basic degree of intellect that makes it even more exciting to play.