Android Games

Introduction: Android Games Developer

Android-based smartphones are used by more than seventy percent of smartphone users. Due to the higher number of users, there is a higher demand for android games and applications. Many Android applications performing different functions have been developed. Android games developer use various programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Corona, Xamarin and basic to come up with the game or application. Java is the commonly used in Android development. Many Android games are free to download and use but there are still those that will require you to buy it for you to download and use it.

Below are the Different Types of Android Games;

  • Simulation games.

These are games that attempt to emulate real-world activities. These games are aimed at training, analysis and also predictions. The player is allowed to freely move the characters in this game. Simulation games include; war games, role-play simulations and business games. Playing these games stimulates your mind to come up with new ideas. The most played simulation android games are; Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, Goat Simulator series, Fallout Shelter, Star trader, Dr. Driving, Transport Tycoon, Kairosoft Games, Infinite Flight Simulator, Plague Inc, Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic, Simcity BuilldIt and Surgeon Simulator.

  • Question games.

These are android games that require the player to provide answers to the questions asked. The player is asked a random question and when he or she gives an answer it is checked whether it is true or not. If the game player has answered the asked question correctly another question is asked. Some android question games give the player options to choose the answer from. The most played android question games include; More Than 1000 Questions, It Is Question Time, Math Duel, Find The Answer Inside, Genius Quiz, Science Quiz, Your Quiz and many more. Most of these games specialize in specific fields to help the player gain more knowledge his field of expertise but there are still others that ask general questions. Question games have also been designed by Android games developer to improve the communication skills of the player.

  • Puzzle games.

Puzzle games require the player to put scattered pieces of information into a logical way in order to arrive the correct puzzle. Puzzle games are fully aimed to improve concentration. It also boosts thinking skills such as recognition, remembering, sorting and matching. Word Puzzles have been found to improve on grammar. Puzzle games There are different types of puzzle games such as Maths Puzzle, Mechanical Puzzle, Logic Puzzles, Trivia Puzzles, Mathematical Puzzles, Cryptic Puzzles, Riddles and many more. Puzzle games also improve brain development in children.

Regular playing of android games has got two effects. They may affect you either positively or negatively. Positive results include increased remembrance, fast thinking and ability to concentrate. Negative results basically refer to addiction to the game. Some games are very addictive and may waste a lot of your time. Instead of helping you they consume a lot your time. Android games developer also believe that addictive games should be avoided. The most addictive games include; Bouncy Hoops, Small Bang, Really Bad Chess, Orble, Smash Rocket, Turning, Speed West and Volume.