Best Mobile Gaming Apps

Mobile Gaming Apps

The technological revolution has seen the skillful development of mobile games that will leave you gaming with your phone for a longer time. Currently, we have mobile gaming apps for different brands including Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. There have been different types of games that were developed, to mention a few we have puzzle games, adventures, sports, racing and casino games.

Mobile gaming has gone ahead to change. Looking back on the days we find that the first game to be successfully launched was the snake game by Nokia. The game has gone ahead to gain the reputation as the most played game.

Today we have applications like app stores where we can download gaming applications. You can also download games from mobile operator’s portals.

We Look at The Top Five Mobile Gaming Apps.

  • Plants vs. Zombies

This game has been developed for iOS mobile users. The action game was just launched on 5th May 2008 by Seattle-based Pop Cap games. The game is absolutely enjoyable and addictive. The most outstanding feature of the game is that it can be played without having you to engage in micro transitions. The game falls under the category of adventure games. it supports all kind of phone users including

Android, iOS, and windows phone. it has gone ahead to win several awards as one of the best games.

  • Block Fortress

Similarly, to plants vs zombies, the game has been developed for iOS mobile users. The game has been developed by the Fours4ken media company. It can be described as a combination of three games into one. The games are tower defense, mixing Minecraft and first-person shooter.

  • The Walking Dead.

The game has been made by Telltale Games. The game had however been developed earlier for console versions however you can now play on your phone.

  • The Room.

This game is for both Android versions and iOS phone users. The game has been designed by Fireproof Games. It is similar to the walking dead; the room is a fantastic puzzle game. The only negative thing about the game is that it is not long enough.

  • Space Team.

This mobile gaming apps can be grouped under sci-fi games. The game can be played by 2-4 people. The iOS version has been released however the Android version is yet to be produced.